Player wearing headset opens drawer, and butterflies fly out.

Welcome to something new

I’m making an Augmented Reality
Escape Room, but what is that?


I recently started a journey to create something new.
An experience that no-one has had before.
This is my blog to show the process and give a behind the scenes look at Inbetween Realities.

Inbetween Realities is a project merging Escape Rooms and Augmented Reality together!
This blog will be telling the story of becoming a creative and making a never before seen experience.  Also, check out the main website

You lost me at Escape Room.

Escape rooms are amazing.  You get locked in a room with a group of your friends/family and have an hour to solve puzzles/challenges to escape.

I’m taking that one step further, and integrating Augmented Reality (AR) into the experience.

Wait up, what’s AR?

AR Headsets overlay graphics onto the real world.  So you still see and interact with your friends and space around you, but you can also see extra graphics added in.

You might look down the street and see Godzilla crossing the road.
Or you might open the fridge and see a Gremlin.

But it’s a lot cooler if the AR could react to what you do.

What if you could throw a tennis ball, and Godzilla chased after it wagging his destructive tail?
What if the gremlin got into the fridge because you left a trail of food luring him to a chilly trap?
At the moment that’s very hard to achieve, but in a curated space like an escape room, we can get a lot closer.

Deer with key wrapped in her antlers

Real gameplay image – players will retrieve the key stuck in her antlers

Oh, sounds Cool.

Yeah, I think so!

The puzzles and challenges you can make are super interesting.  No pressing buttons on a controller, just physically interacting with your environment, with a bunch of mates.  I start telling that story here

This blog will also show some of what it is like to quit your job and become a creator.
It’ll show what it’s like opening a small business that’s never been done before.
And it’ll show lessons learned for creating location-based AR experiences.


So subscribe and come along for the ride!


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